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Boudoir Launch Special!

I am so happy to finally launch Boudoir by Dorothy as it’s own brand that is now separate from it’s previous home under Dorothy Gautreaux Photography. I really want to kick things off with a discount because lets be honest, who doesn’t like saving money?! I’ll be offering 10% off to the first 3 ladies to book a shoot! You can turn that 10% off into 15% off if you are brave enough to share the facebook fan page with all your friends on facebook so be sure to click HERE and “LIKE” us!

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Mrs. R’s Sexy Shoot

Mrs. R hired me to shoot her wedding last year and always talked about doing a Boudoir shoot. She lives out of town so finding the time to do it was tricky but we made it happen!  She surprised her husband with an album from her shoot for their one year anniversary.  We so had so much fun and it was a lot less nerve racking than she expected; scroll down to see all the favorites and to read her confessions!

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DGP_511 4

DGP_555 2

“My experience with Dorothy for my boudoir shoot was amazing.  I was absolutely TERRIFIED at first and even thought about canceling it multiple times.  The thought of me waltzing around a hotel room, in dainty lingerie, posing for pictures with a “sexy” attitude with someone other than my husband made me want to pass out.  I would just stare in the mirror weeks before the shoot and say to myself “What the hell am I thinking?!”  I emailed Dorothy to vent about how nervous I was and she completely turned my perspective around.  She helped me get a grip, stop focusing on my imperfections and start realizing how special the moment was going to be when I handed over the final product to my husband.  I was forgetting that it wasn’t all about me, it was for my husband and that he was going to drool over any picture of me showing my goods.  Dorothy gave me some great advice on different props to bring so it wasn’t all about my naked self.  I snuck my husbands guitar since he LOVES to play and used it to cover my lady parts, making for a “Jenny from Forest Gump” moment.  After getting to the hotel room and feeling like a hooker for “renting” the room out for the day I popped open a bottle of champagne, turned on some music and started to relax as well as enjoy the idea of doing a boudoir shoot.  When Dorothy walked through the door she immediately made me not only feel comfortable but ready to have fun!  She plugged in her ipod and we started to jam!  It started to feel like I was standing in front of one of my best friends.  Throughout the shoot she showed me pictures of her other clients to help coach me though poses.  She made me feel like a natural and really caught my personality.  She focused on my great “ass”ets and masked from my insecurities.  She was very helpful on choosing a variety of poses for each outfit I had.  Overall, it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had photo wise.  I think it not only will be a great anniversary gift, but it was an incredible challenge to myself to face my insecurities and an even better reality check about how beautiful I truly am!  She just did such a great job at making me feel beautiful again and I would recommend this experience to every woman!”

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Sexy Scenes ~ Part 1

Every now and then I’ll get a client that has a fabulously decorated home with lots of natural light that works great for boudoir but more often than not my girls prefer to use hotel rooms. There are tons of venues that I recommend upon booking and every now and then I’ll come across a new favorite.  Today I’d like to feature the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Most of my clients rent the room for the night and make a date night or girls night out of it but that doesn’t always work out. For when that just won’t work, this location is great because they also have a day rate that is less expensive and only for the 2 hour or so duration of the shoot. This first room is the Deluxe which also has a beautiful balcony. Click HERE to see a shoot done in this room.

The Premier Room (below) is almost identical to the Deluxe Room (above) with the exception of the chair or couch in the back right corner.  Both can be used during the shoot but if both rooms are available, I recommend the couch.

The Master Suite is fabulous and provides unlimited of background variety!  This room is my number one choice for this hotel.

If any of the rooms are available with the pool walkout you could bring a racy bikini and get some outdoor shots!

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