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Frequently Asked Questions » Boudoir by Dorothy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these images for?

It’s for the bride who wants to give her groom the most fabulous gift.

It’s for the mother of 3 whose husband could use a reminder that he married the sexiest woman alive.

It’s for the single woman who needs to remind herself that she is sexy, she is powerful, and she doesn’t need a man to tell her so.

It’s for every woman.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography is a tasteful, classic, beautiful, sexy way for the modern woman to appreciate herself and her body. Often the images are given as a gift to a significant other but the gift you give yourself will be even more valuable. Every woman should get to feel like a super model for a day. Boudoir changes the way you see yourself. It shows you that you are beautiful just the way you are.  The Boudoir Experience is eye opening and reminds you to love your body just the way it is instead of focusing on insecurities.

Do you offer gift cards?

YES! For all the guys out there, FINALLY, the perfect give to give her! We offer gift cards that come wrapped in boutique packaging with cute little gifts included like a mini bottle of champagne, perfume and a cute pair of panties in your ladies size from my favorite lingerie shop.

Will my pictures go online?

Not if you don’t want them to! I love it when my girls are brave enough to let me use their images but I completely understand why some may want to keep their Boudoir Experience private. I only share identifying photos with written consent and as a Thank You I offer a fearless discount towards all products and services! All printing is through the highest quality companies that are only available to photography businesses with the utmost care towards maintaining privacy.

I am not photogenic and/or I feel so awkward in front of the camera…

After all my years of shooting boudoir and even weddings, engagements and bridals, I have learned that being photogenic is a myth.  It’s all about who is taking your picture, I promise!  I’ll pose you down to the last pinky if you need it and you will be surprised at how sexy and natural you look!

All the girls on your site look so thin and perfect.  I’m not thin or perfect, how will my pictures turn out the same?

Boudoir Photography is all about flattering lighting and angles. I’ve photographed all different shapes and sizes but cannot share a lot of those images due to the nature of these clients jobs or to respect their personal privacy. I also want to emphasize that no one is perfect! Every woman is different and gorgeous in her own way, you just have to let me show you!

I’m doing this for my man, how am I going to hide everything from him until the surprise?

We’ve got you covered! I’ve made a list of white lies that I and my other girls have used to cover up our boudoir shoot giveaways;)

I’d be so nervous, can I bring a friend?

Of course! One female friend is allowed and even encouraged! Some of my favorite shots were when a client brought a friend because it’s great for those fun laughing shots.

How do I prepare?

Location, what to wear, hair & makeup? Not to worry! I provide you with more than enough information and tips upon booking to get you ready and make you feel confident and prepared for your shoot  :)

Do you do any other kind of photography?

Yes! I also photograph weddings, engagements and bridals. Click HERE to visit my wedding site.

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